Distributing content to Radiolab's 300 stations and partners used to be a daunting task, but Dropbox for Teams has made the process seamless. Now the team can easily share promos and episodes across stations and pass draft content to offshow contributors. Dropbox also allows team members to access their audio drafts from anywhere, making even a daily subway commute productive and delightful.

Because the team is spread across the globe, collaboration hasn't always been a simple task for Huge. The company needed a way to quickly and easily share large files among staff – and across devices – no matter where they were located. With Dropbox, Huge employees can easily share files without having to worry about file size limits or storage space. 

Having all of our files local on everyone's machine and backed up regularly is invaluable. Our rule of thumb has become: if it's not in Dropbox, it doesn't exist.

When Foursquare launched in 2009, the small team had no trouble sharing documents. But as the business grew, the headcount did too, and it quickly became apparent that Foursquare needed a more robust, reliable solution for sharing files across locations. With security, quality, and reliability at top of mind, Foursquare landed on Dropbox for Teams as the best way to stay in sync.

— Eric Friedman, Foursquare Director of Sales and Revenue Operations

Millions of organizations around the world run on Dropbox, from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses. Read how other companies use Dropbox to work faster and collaborate more effectively.

Before Dropbox, Fenix International relied on email, flash drives, and FTP servers to share photos, videos, and other information companywide. However, constant international travel posed back-up challenges for employees and created the potential for data loss. Once Fenix switched to Dropbox for Teams, the fear of losing files was eliminated and sharing data across the organization became easy.

Endeavor connects thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders to create long term economic growth. With 15 offices around the globe, Endeavor relies on Dropbox for Teams to access key files and quickly share them with colleagues abroad. From collaborating on event materials to reviewing presentations on the go, Dropbox helps Endeavor manage its global network.

Barry, Slade, Wheaton & Helwig LLC is a consumer rights law firm that represents individuals who are mistreated by debt collectors. With issues like professional responsibility, ethics, and client confidentiality at stake, it was extremely important to have a reliable and secure way to store data. Dropbox for Teams was the perfect solution, providing a controlled environment for sharing confidential documents.

As real-estate firm Avison Young expanded globally, the company quickly realized that purchasing and setting up a server for each office would be costly and cumbersome. Dropbox for Teams provided a lean, flexible, and cost-effective solution. It not only allowed for effortless mobile and remote access capabilities, but also freed up time for the IT department.

Khan Academy provides free, first-class, video-based education to anyone, anywhere in the world. With over 3,600 videos and 60 million visitors every month, it was difficult to find a solution with enough storage space. Those worries vanished with Dropbox for Teams, which provided as much storage space as they needed with no file size limits.

Dropbox for Teams has helped Meritus College Fund employees become more productive and organized by giving them one place to keep all of their important photos and marketing materials. This has created a more efficient way for the staff to develop communication pieces that support its mission, ultimately allowing them to help even more students attend college. 

With productivity at the forefront of their company mission, Asana puts great emphasis on making work as efficient as possible. Dropbox for Teams has become an integral part of the workflow at Asanagiving employees a centralized place to store files, and promoting workplace mobility by allowing them to access their stuff from anywhere.